There are a number of advantages to getting a buy now pay later car loan from a buy here pay here car lot. With this type of loan, you get financing directly from the dealer and there is no credit check. But while these dealers have helped many people finance a car, they may not be the best choice for a bad credit car loan.

What is a buy here pay here dealer?

Here at Auto Credit Express, when it comes to financing cars, we have seen it all. But for those people who are unfamiliar with what a buy here pay here dealer is, the term refers to a car dealer where you can not only buy a car, but a dealership where you can finance it, right there, with money that you actually borrow from the dealer instead of a bank, credit union or finance company.

Many customers in the market for a car - especially if they have bad credit – start by going to one of these dealers, thinking that they have no choice other than a buy now pay later car loan. These customers think that because of their FICO score, no regular car dealer will be able to get them approved for a loan. In many cases, this may be true.

Low income, short job time, no credit history

For many customers that have a low income, say $500 per month, a short time on the job – maybe 3 weeks – and no credit history, the chances of getting financed at a regular dealer are pretty slim. For these customers, a buy here pay here lot may be the only way that they can finance a car. But many people who believe that a “buy here pay here” arrangement is their only option may be surprised at the number of other opportunities for financing that they really have.

Give Auto Credit Express a try before resorting to a buy here pay here dealer


The big advantage of buy here pay here lots is the fact that they don't require credit checks. But this also means that, in most cases, repaying this type of loan does not help your credit – since many of these lots don't report your good payment history to the credit bureaus.

Since 1999, Auto Credit Express has been helping people with credit problems get approved for new and used car loans. Our nationwide network of dealers work with a wide array of lending companies to get you approved. These loans require a credit check, but once you are approved, each month that you make a car payment you are taking one more step in rebuilding your credit score and reestablishing your financial future.

So if you need to buy a car and think that your only option is a “buy here pay here” dealer, visit our web site at Let us explain the benefits of getting financed through us. Our web site has calculators and a resource page that will help walk you through the process, while our secure online car credit application can be filled out in the comfort and privacy of your home. Visit us and see what we can do for you.