The current round of Chrysler new car incentives plus an optional risk free vehicle return program means more choices for buyers hoping to finance a new car with a bad credit auto loan.

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Bad credit and new car incentives and rebates

Even though most bad credit car loan shoppers will end up purchasing a used car, there are a number of affordable new cars on the market that, given the right incentives, can make a new vehicle nearly as affordable as many used cars. For July, Chrysler Corporation has announced new car incentives that not only include low APR rates for the best qualified customers, but also offer alternative cash-back programs and even an optional 60-day return policy that even bad credit auto loan shoppers can take advantage of.

July Chrysler new car incentives

Chrysler new car incentives:

Although the Chrysler 300 and Town and Country as well as the Dodge Challenger Charger and Grand Caravan are beyond the budgets of most bad credit buyers, both the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Sebring sedan may very well work. July incentives for these vehicles are as follows:

•    2010 Sebring Limited and Touring - $2,000 customer cash allowance
•    2010 PT Cruiser - $2,000 customer cash allowance

Jeep new car incentives:

Most Jeep models are priced well into the $20,000 plus range, which make them almost too expensive for most bad credit buyers. An exception may be the 2010 Compass Sport 4x2 with a base price of $15,995 or the Compass Sport 4x4 with a base price of $17,495.

•    2010 Compass Sport  - $1,500 customer cash allowance

Dodge new car incentives:

Both the Dodge Avenger and Caliber models fall into the upper range of what many bad credit auto loan buyers can afford and both have incentives this month. The Caliber Express, in particular, has a starting price of $17,630 before the rebate.

•    2010 Dodge Avenger SXT - $2,000 customer cash allowance
•    2010 Dodge Caliber - $1,000 customer cash allowance

Chrysler Group Pledge Program

Late last week, Chrysler Group LLC announced its new pledge program which allows consumers to return a new vehicle within 60 days if they aren't happy with the purchase, plus the company will make the first two months payments for the consumer (up to $500 per month, maximum of $1000).

Available on most 2010 Chrysler vehicles, customers can opt for the Chrysler and Jeep “Regret Free Purchase” program, the Dodge “60-Day Test Drive” program or the Ram Truck “60-Day Handshake” program instead of the customer cash allowance on these vehicles.

The Bottom Line

Even if your credit score falls into the subprime range, bad credit car loan buyers can still qualify for the consumer cash or the 60-day return policy offered on most Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles, which will help lower the monthly payment and the overall finance costs or give you more peace of mind with a bad credit auto loan.

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