Frequently, we here at Auto Credit Express are contacted by people asking if we can provide auto financing for a car sold by a private seller, often after a bank or credit union has turned them down.

For those inquiring, we have good news and some bad news. No, we do not provide private seller auto financing, but yes we can still get you approved for an auto loan despite your bad credit.

How Auto Credit Express Can Help You Find Financing

Can I Get a Loan to Purchase a Car from a Private Seller?

We work with a network of trusted dealers in order to assist buyers with troubled credit to get auto financing. Loans for car purchases from private sellers, on the other hand, have to come from banks or credit unions, sources that that fall under the category of "traditional lenders." And while these lenders may be able to offer great rates and terms to prime credit buyers, they may not always be willing or able to work with people who have less than perfect credit.

This may be a sore answer for anyone with their heart set on the car down the street, but remember the reason we are able to help so many people find auto financing with bad credit situations is because of our large dealer network.

So Why Choose a Dealer?

It may seem like you can get a really great deal on a car purchase from a private seller, but you have to wonder what you're really getting. How can you be sure? Not only will you have a greater selection at a dealership, but the buying process is easier, and you will have the ability to be more confident with your purchase.

  • Dealers must adhere to stringent operating and selling procedures, so you will be less likely to end up with a lemon.
  • Used cars that dealerships offer sometimes come with warranties, and usually have service contracts you can purchase for additional coverage.
  • Used cars that come from dealers have often been fully inspected by licensed mechanics, and may even be "certified."
  • Buying through a dealer means not having to complete the paperwork yourself. Many dealers will also provide assistance with titles and registration.
  • Often, dealerships have garages on site to assist with ongoing maintenance and repairs.

ACE Provides the Full Package

Auto Credit Express can help make your entire car buying experience easy and hassle free. This is because our experts have perfected the process, and taken out all of the guess work. Step by step, you will know that you’re in good hands.

  • You can easily apply for financing with ACE, either through our online application or via phone.
  • After you have supplied your information to Auto Credit Express, they will match you with a dealer in your area.
  • An appointment with your dealer will be arranged, and that dealer will find out exactly how much a lender in their network can approve you for.
  • After finding out what your price range is, your dealer will show you cars on the lot that fit your needs and your budget.
  • You pick the car, sign the papers and drive away.

As you can see, buying a car with the assistance of Auto Credit Express is a great alternative to taking your chances with classified ads, a friend of a friend or Craigslist. Just fill out our fast and secure online application and get started today!