The team here at Auto Credit Express takes the time to listen to the concerns of our customers. At least once a week, we get a question or a comment about getting a loan so a person can buy a car from a private seller. For example:

"Hi, I have been approved for a loan so I have question. Do I need to purchase from a dealer or can I buy from a person selling without a dealer?"

The short answer is: No, you cannot get a loan to buy from a private seller with our service. Allow us to explain why not.

You Cannot Get a Loan to Buy From a Private Seller

If you are in the market for a used car, you can head to the dealership or you can try to buy through a private party. When you have bad credit, the dealership path becomes much more muddled. This is why purchasing a car through a private seller becomes such an intriguing option for many.

private seller no loan

The problem is that Auto Credit Express is not a direct lender; we are simply the nation's leading subprime auto loan matching service. We cannot help you secure a loan to buy through a private party. We CAN, however, connect you to a car dealer in your local area that can get you approved.

We know a nationwide network of the most trusted subprime dealers and lenders in the industry. They know the process and will be happy to help you, but you have to buy a car from the dealership.

The reason we do not open our service up to private party car options is because subprime lenders will not give you a loan for one. There is too much risk, ambiguity, and unforeseen problems that are associated with that kind of transaction. If you want to buy from a private seller but can't quite afford it on your own, you may have to pursue a personal loan to finance the purchase.

Why You Want to Get Financed at a Dealership

If you have less than perfect credit, you may be turned off at the thought of buying through a dealership. You don't need to be if you apply with us. In fact, getting financed at a dealer has plenty of advantages over a private transaction:

  • The Money
    You most likely don't have thousands of dollars to spare just sitting in your bank account. Instead of settling for something older and cheaper from a private seller, a loan will allow you buy a newer and more reliable vehicle.
  • It's All on Your Time
    With a private party, you have to coordinate with a complete stranger throughout the transaction process. You can't go check out the car or take a test drive unless the seller is free. With a dealer, you just set up a visit at the time that is most convenient for YOU.
  • You Know What You Are Getting
    You can never be 100% certain about what you are getting with a private seller. A dealer will have service records and vehicle history reports so you know everything about a prospective car. You won't wind up with a lemon with one of our trusted sources.
  • On-Time Payments = Better Credit
    The number one advantage of getting financed at a dealership with the help of Auto Credit Express is that our dealers only work with lenders that report your payments to the major credit bureaus. This means that you can improve your credit over time if you keep current on the payments.

Auto Credit Express Will Be There Every Step of the Way

There is a reason Auto Credit Express is the largest automotive special finance service in the country: We know how to help people with damaged credit. Helping our customers is something we take pride in, something that separates us from the pack, and something that we believe makes us different. We can help you next if you just fill out our secure and obligation-free auto loan application.