We all know that famous phrase and scene, "Wax on, wax off." However, our favorite sensei may have missed a few key steps you should follow when you wax your vehicle.

Waxing your car, truck or SUV may seem like a simple process. Put the wax on and then rub it off right? However you may find that you may not get the results you would like to see, and that could affect the value of your trade in when you need help with an auto loan.

How to Wax Your Car like a Pro

Do You Wax Your Car like Mr. Miyagi?

Before you even begin to wax your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is make sure you give it a good bath. Use soft rags or towels and lots of water and soap to get the majority of the dirty off the surface of your car.

Use some clay specially made for detailing vehicles.

When used correctly, the clay will remove dirt and wax that were not removed from washing. Be careful not to drop the clay on the ground as the dirt it picks up will scratch your paint.

This step should sound more familiar; now we apply the wax.

The biggest mistake you can make here is to put your wax directly on your vehicle in massive globs. This not only wastes money and product, but also a lot of time and energy.

Instead, you'll want to add a small, thin layer of wax to your buffing pad or applier. Then, depending on how quickly your wax dries (read the label's recommendation), either wax a small area or the entire vehicle using a clockwise motion.

It's important to make sure you haven't missed any areas and that the wax is spread thinly and as evenly as possible.

Buff, Buff, Buff it all away!

Now comes the part that takes a little more time and attention. Using a microfiber towel, begin to buff your wax using the famous counter clockwise move that Miyagi taught us all. Take your time to make sure that the vehicle is thoroughly and evenly buffed. As you buff away the residue from the wax, you'll be rewarded with a brilliant shine.

Why is Waxing Correctly Important?

It's important to protect your investments, and that's just what your car is! You'll find this especially true if you ever decide to trade in your car. At Auto Credit Express we want to make sure you have greatest access to a newer vehicle when you need it.

When your credit score needs a little buffing, purchasing a vehicle is a good, sure way of doing that. Since you often need a down payment, even a $500 down payment can be enough, your well-maintained trade-in will be a huge asset.