One of the top tips for getting the most for your trade-in is making sure the car is squeaky clean. Your car's condition is a big factor in what dealers are willing to offer you, so keeping it clean can make a difference. This can also help if you decide to sell your car privately.

Instead of just cleaning it right before you sell it or trade it in, the smarter strategy is to keep it clean all the time. With all of the time many of us spend in our cars, giving it a regular cleaning is smart. Since this can also protect its resale and trade-in value, keeping a clean car should be a must.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Take more pride in your ride by always keeping it clean. These tips will help you keep your vehicle spotless, which will help protect its trade-in value.

  • Remove Clutter and Garbagecar clean
    Start by getting rid of all the trash and clutter that's accumulated inside your car. It creates a breeding ground for bacteria, it could be hazardous if things get in the way of the pedals, and, if you have a bunch of heavy items stored in your car, this can reduce fuel economy.
  • Deep Clean the Interior and Keep It Up
    Once you've got all the junk out of there, it's time to deep clean your car. You should: vacuum the seats and floors (including the floor mats), wash the inside of the windows, dust and clean the dashboard and controls, clear out and clean storage compartments, and treat dirty and stained areas. Keep in mind that you shouldn't use household cleaners except window cleaner. Instead, you'll need cleaners that are specifically made for cars. While you may not need to go into "deep clean" mode that often, you should make cleaning your car's interior a regular thing.
  • Wash and Wax Regularly
    Regular washing is a good way to stop grime, debris and salt from accumulating on and underneath your vehicle. These things can harm your paint and finish and even lead to rust. The Car Care Council recommends that you clean your tires and wheels before washing the body. Then, you need to protect your washing efforts with a wax. The council recommends you wax your vehicle twice a year.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your car clean is one of the best ways you can help maximize its resale or trade-in value. Use these tips to develop clean car habits and help yourself out down the line.

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