With the summer heat upon us, it’s time to protect your car from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Whether it’s the leather seats, exterior paint, or dash, State Farm wants to make sure you keep your car covered.

Keeping Your Car Covered

Your vehicle’s interior can reach temperatures as high as 145 degrees Fahrenheit if it’s parked outside on a hot sunny day. Even if you park in the shade and crack the windows, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid any sun or heat damage.

When it comes to making sure your car is summer ready, keep these tips by State Farm in mind:


  • Use a windshield sun protector – On top of replacing your windshield wipers to prepare for summer storms, consider placing a windshield sun protector between the dash and windshield to prevent sun damage.
  • Clean the dash – Using a microfiber cloth and a low-gloss detailing product, wipe down the dash to remove dust and dirt and protect it to prevent it from fading.
  • Use seat covers – Seat covers help avoid stains and scratches, but they also prevent sun damage.
  • Condition leather seats – If you don’t want to buy seat covers and the seats are leather, consider using a conditioner. The conditioner will help prevent further sun damage while cleaning the leather.

Protecting Your Car from Summer HeatExterior

  • Wash often – To keep the paint from fading either take it to the car wash or wash it yourself often.
  • Wax the car – If your car isn’t looking shiny after a fresh wash, consider a good wax job. Waxing your car can give it the extra protection it needs from the sunlight.
  • Check tire pressure – Always maintain the correct pressure in your tires. UV rays can damage the rubber in tires, and if the weather constantly changes, the pressure will also change. Make sure it’s always where it needs to be by using a tire pressure gauge.

One final tip is to keep up with regular maintenance. Make sure you check your vehicle’s fluid levels, and add to them if needed. Also, make sure your A/C is blowing cool air. You don’t want to drive around in the heat with an A/C system that isn’t working.

The Bottom Line

Your car doesn’t have much fun in the sun, so make sure you take care of it before hitting the road.

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