Your next car should be comfortable for you, but if you plan to travel with your pet, it should also be comfortable for your furry friend, too. What features will work for your dog and what should you be looking for? Here are some of the top dog-friendly vehicle features to keep in mind thanks to Edmunds.

All-Season Floor Mats & Seat Covers

If you and your dog are out and about and taking multiple car trips, consider getting all-season floor mats and seat covers. These floor mats and seat covers will be there in case your pet has a messy accident while on the road.

Backseat Length and Height

driving with dogsFor this, it depends on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs are able to fit into almost any type of backseat, but for larger dogs, height and length are important. If you know your dog will need room to sprawl, make sure you find a bench seat that will accommodate your furry friend’s length. As for height, if your best friend will be moving around and sitting up, make sure they won’t hit their head each time they go to stick their head out the window! Your pet’s safety is just as important as yours.

Climate Control

If you aren’t comfortable sitting in your car because it gets too hot or cold, your dog most likely won’t be comfortable, either. A good tip, especially if your dog will be in the backseat, is to pick a vehicle with backseat air ducts and the option to adjust the rear seat climate control temperature independently from the front seats.

Sliding Doors

This comes down to preference, but sliding doors are great for dogs to easily get in and out of vehicles. The wide-opening doors make it less awkward to jump in and out, plus the extra legroom lets dogs step onto the floor before making the leap out of the car.


Sometimes, air conditioning won’t completely cool down your dog on its own. If you and your dog live in a sunny, hot area, consider getting sunshades. Sunshades lower the intensity of the sunlight entering the cabin and make car trips more comfortable and cool.

Bottom Line

A man’s best friend needs a comfortable ride, too. No matter how far or how long you and your buddy will be in the car, it’s important to make sure they’re just as comfortable as you are.

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