With older age often comes more pain. Some of these aches and pains can affect your back and come from sitting in one spot for too long. In fact, many drivers, both young and old, feel back pain from driving for long periods of time. But, do any cars help combat back pain?

While these three cars won’t cure your back pain for good, they can make your driving experience more comfortable. What makes these cars great for people with back pain is the interior and front seats. What’s even better? You won’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a comfortable ride.

Three Cars to Consider

Best Cars for Back PainWhen considering a used car, comfort is a high priority – especially for people who experience back pain. It’s important to know what you want in a car and how to pick the right used car for you. Based on average 2017 selling prices, here are three cars to consider that can help to diminish back pain:

Ford Taurus

  • Average new car selling price: $23,946
  • Average used car price (model years 2008 to 2016): $12,249
  • Interior pros: The seats feature a durable material that's also comfortable to sit on. The standard front seats are made for all-day comfort and, if desired, buyers can upgrade their seats in the Limited and SHO trims known for providing comfort for various body types and sizes.
  • Interior cons: The pedal box area is a little cramped, so taller drivers may not be as comfortable when driving long distances.

Nissan Altima

  • Average new car selling price: $18,439
  • Average used car price (model years 2008 to 2016): $11,142
  • Interior pros: Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats have been rated as being one of the most comfortable seats on the market. The Altima also features a spacious rear seat for the class, offering back seat passengers nearly as much comfort as the front.
  • Interior cons: Despite having comfortable seats, the interior design isn’t exactly pleasant to look at. Drivers have also noted that the Altima can feel jittery over rough roads and uneven pavement.

Volkswagen Golf

  • Average new car selling price: $17,654
  • Average used car price (model years 2008 to 2016): $11,298
  • Interior pros: Front seats are very comfortable and supportive, and VW suggests picking the standard cloth trim. The cabin and cargo space are fairly large for the vehicle’s size, and give the driver and passengers enough comfort and space. Touchscreen graphics are very clear, and the virtual buttons are large for a small screen (6.5 inches).
  • Interior cons: There’s no leather option. The only material other than cloth available is imitation leather, which isn’t as appealing or realistic.

If the 2017 models are out of your price range, you can opt for an older model and still get the comfort you need.

Sit Back and Get Comfortable

Whether or not you have a history of back pain, your car should be comfortable to drive in. Not all car interiors are made the same, and it can be difficult to find a reliable used car that’s also comfortable.

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