The economy has taken a hard toll on many people throughout a large number of countries in the world including the US and Canada. However, life still goes on and occasionally you need to purchase a newer vehicle. That can be pretty difficult when you have bad or low credit and hardly any money to set aside as a down payment.

How can I get into a car for only $500 down?

Here at Auto Credit Express, we want to tell you that it's still very possible to get into a better car today! Even if you have as little as $500 as a down payment on a car you can get approved. There are dealers that are anxious to help you find a vehicle for your traveling needs.

By meeting the listed requirements, you may qualify for one of our financing options.

  • At least 1 year with your current employer or a minimal gap between jobs.
  • A minimum of $1,500 gross monthly income.
  • All Bankruptcies must be discharged.
  • No repossessions in the last year (unless included in a bankruptcy).

What kinds of cars can you get with only $500 down?

Your first thought may be that if you're using such a low down payment on a vehicle, that the quality must not be that great. You would be wrong! We work with reputable dealers and in house financing car dealers around the nation that have quality new and used cars, trucks and SUVs By working with one of our dealers you can easily get into an automobile that may only be a year or two old. This means that you may very well still have the manufacturers warranty as well as a stylish car to drive. You'll also have some peace of mind knowing your new auto will be a safe and affordable option for you and your family.

The Right Dealers

It shouldn't be a headache to find someone that can help you finance a vehicle with poor credit or even if you have really damaged credit. Use our easy online application and you'll be off to a running start. We will find the right dealers that will work with you in your local area to help you find the best car, truck or SUV for you and your family to enjoy.

Don't wait, Apply Today!

There's no need to save up thousands of dollars for a down payment when you need a car now. With as little as $500 down, Auto Credit Express can get you into a vehicle that you'll love and enjoy. Not only will you have a better automobile, you'll be repairing your credit by making timely payments. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!