Anyone that has been on the road for a while now will probably feel pretty comfortable in saying that they know quite a bit about their vehicle and how it works. As it turns out though, your car, truck or SUV could be keeping a few secrets from you. At Auto Credit Express we like to help our customers to truly know the in's and out's of their vehicle. So read on to uncover a few unknown facts your automobile may hold.

What you don't know about your car

Five Things You Didn't Know About Your Car

  1. Your vehicle records you.
    Similar to a 'black box' that you would find in an airplane, automobiles in the last decade have been equipped to record your driving events. Things such as airbag deployment, acceleration, speed, and seat belt used are all recorded and stored in the vehicle's computer. The basic systems are not equipped with GPS, but newer systems such as General Motors' OnStar or Ford's Sync do use GPS to help you if you're unable to call for assistance.
  2. It can 'phone home'.
    It's common practice today to hook up your automobile to a computer to see how it's performing and if there are any problems. What you didn't know is that sometimes your car's computer needs an update. This is sometimes the case in difficult to diagnose problems. With the proper data link, your vehicle can 'phone home' to its manufacturer to see if it has any available servicing needs or technical updates.
  3. Your car can live longer than you think.
    It's a long standing joke that your car, truck or SUV will fall apart the day after the warranty expires. However, today's engineers have designed your vehicle with the latest and greatest material that keeps you going. Of course proper and regular maintenance will always make your car last even longer.
  4. It can brake on its own.
    Since the 1980's many features have been added to your brakes such as Anti-lock Brake Systems, or ABS. Today we are still making great strides to make your vehicle more responsive when it's needed the most. Studies have shown that in panic situations, drivers do not apply enough pressure to the brakes to prevent an impact from being worse than it is. Using the recent addition of radars to vehicles, some cars can now help you by braking when it senses a near collision.
  5. Your vehicle is 'green'.
    Auto manufacturers are actually hipsters. Why? Because they've been recycling long before it was cool. Part of the design process today is for engineers to decide what material to use. They have to choose what will last long enough for you to get your worth out of the vehicle, but also what will not last 10,000 years in a landfill. Many experts estimate that 85% of your vehicle is now recyclable. Furthermore, manufacturers have taken to using recycled materials such as plastic and rubber in their designs.

As We See It

Most of these features are common in the latest models and provide their passengers even greater security out on the road. If you're still driving an outdated vehicle, consider trading it in for a car, truck or SUV that will provide you with better safety features. We can get you a car loan even if your credit is slightly bruised, our team here can find you a reliable and affordable dealer in your local area. Even if you have bad credit and neeed a car loan, simply taking a few moments to complete our easy online application and you'll be one step closer to better car.