Warmer and longer days are here. You know what that means: time for that camping trip! When it comes to packing your small car though, it takes smarts and compromise.

Often packing all your camping gear and luggage into your vehicle may seem like a real life scenario of Tetris. Unfortunately, getting a full row doesn't make some of the bulk simply disappear.

At Auto Credit Express we've all experienced the troubles and stress of trying to pack a tiny car with all the gear you need plus your family. We've found that packing smart is also packing safe.

5 Tips to Pack It All In

How to Get All the Camping Gear into Your Little Car

When you need to pack enough gear to cover all your needs during your trip, it will require compromising on some items and being just plain smart with others. Check out a few of these tips to get all your camping gear packed in.

  • Less Food, More Space
    Now when we say less food, we don't mean so much less that you go starving. What we're talking about is not taking full packages when you may only need a quarter of the product. Boxed items like cereal, pancake mix, graham crackers, etc; are much easier to pack when you only take as much as you plan on using.
    Also, don't bring more drinks than you need. Things like sodas, concentrates and other bulky items can be replaced with plenty of water and individual packets of drink mix.
  • Cooler = Storage
    Most coolers cannot change their shape. If you plan on getting your ice and cold food items later when you're closer to your campsite, use the hollow space as storage. Whether you keep your pantry items or other kitchen tools in there, it's a good solid space that should be used up.
  • Sleeping Bag Luggage
    Roll up towels, bathing suits, and other clothing in your sleeping bag to help minimize the space needed for extra bags of luggage.
  • Use the Nooks and Crannies
    Small items can be packed in just about any space they safely fit: under the seats, in pockets, in the glove box, etc. Optimize your packing skills by using every space available.
  • Don't Pack the Whole House
    It may be tempting to bring every little thing you think you may need for your trip, but don't. Make a list of items needed and stick to it. Remember to pack your needs before you pack your wants.
    You probably won't need whole bottles of shampoo and soap, so opt to bring travel-sized bottles for your journey. Likewise, you won't need every single utensil in the kitchen for your meals at the campsite.

Remember to Pack Safe

Your vehicle has some natural blind spots. Try not to add to them by blocking all visibility to behind your vehicle. This can cause some very dangerous situations on the open road. If needed, reconsider how much you've packed or secure some items to the roof of your vehicle.

Something that you should never forget to pack is your first aid kit. Make sure it is fully stocked with everything you could possibly need. If you're going to be camping at a site that may take emergency responders time to get to, this could be extremely life saving.

Also make sure you have ways to charge your phone or have a way to reach out for help when needed. HAM Radios and walkie-talkies are some great items to pack if you know that you won't have cell signal.

As We See It

We know that many friends and families are looking forward to summer adventures. Whether you're camping close to home or far from familiar surroundings, hopefully these tips have helped you pack your vehicle - small or big - in a smarter way. At Auto Credit Express we don't only work hard to get you into a vehicle despite your credit, but also to keep you safe in that vehicle!