When we get into an accident, our seat belts and air bags protect us and restrain our bodies from moving with the force of inertia. However, all the loose items in your car could cause a fatal punch in the end. You may be surprised by how much things that seem safe or cause little harm could seriously injure you. A bottle of water, for example, can pack a punch with a force 20 times greater than what it weighs. Talk about some nasty bruises. To prevent you and your loved ones in the event of an accident, you should consider different ways to contain loose items in your vehicle.

Some Products to Consider

Loose Items Cause Big Problems

Umbrellas, tissue boxes, bottles or books, they can all become very dangerous projectiles in the event that your car comes to a sudden stop. Safely store items in a way that will prevent them from being able to fly around the car; you can utilize spots like your glove box or trunk to greatly improve your safety. Here are some organizers to help you store items you need in your car:

  • Storage Hooks
    Instead of letting loose bags of groceries that could contain any number of potentially fatal projectiles lie in the floor; have them placed on hooks on the back of the seats This way the force of gravity and the hooks will help keep the items in the bag.
  • Trunk Totes
    If you have a vehicle such as a wagon or hatchback, it's important to make sure the items in the back of your vehicle stay there. Use these totes to store and hold items like cleaning supplies or jumper cables or anything else you may keep in your trunk area.
  • Cargo Nets
    For larger items like toys, strollers, or umbrellas, consider having a cargo net in your vehicles trunk area too. This will help to secure large and often heavy items in place.

As We See It

At Auto Credit Express your safety is one of our greatest concerns. Storing loose items is a great way to start. However if you find that you car, truck or SUV's safety features are simply just not up to par with what is available today, then maybe it's time for a better vehicle. Start with our safe and secure online auto application and we'll find you a dealer in your local area that will find the best financing options available. Then you'll be able to pick out a quality automobile that will keep you safer on the road than the one you drive now. If your safety is as a big concern to you as it is to us then apply today!