Insurance plays a big role in the overall cost of owning a vehicle. Your vehicle choice can be an important factor for your insurance rates as well. When searching for a vehicle, keep in mind all the potential effects on your auto insurance.


People want to be safe on the road and insurance companies want that too. Often, having a vehicle with good safety ratings or certain safety features can mean lower insurance costs. Beside safety, the type of vehicle driven and its model year could also affect your rates. It’s always a good idea to request an insurance quote – before purchasing – to know what to expect.

Another factor in keeping premiums low is to keep vehicle mileage low. Drivers who spend more time behind the wheel are more likely to be in auto accidents. Therefore, only driving when necessary could cut costs.

Not surprisingly, traffic tickets can also factor into insurance rates. Though not every ticket will result in an increase in your monthly premium, some risky driving behaviors will.

car insurance, auto insuranceTo keep insurance bills lower, avoid tickets for:

  • Driving without a license
  • Attempting to run from law enforcement
  • Driving under the influence
  • Hit-and-run
  • Excessive speed


Another top factor used to determine auto insurance rates is where you live. Average prices vary greatly between states, and even cities. According to, the average annual cost of car insurance across the US in 2017 is $1,318.

Historically, Michigan has some of the highest insurance rates in the nation. It’s one of the few states with no-fault insurance and, in fact, Michigan requires it. Plus, it’s the only state that pays unlimited lifetime medical benefits to accident victims.

However, that could all be changing. A package of bills recently introduced before the Michigan Legislature could potentially reduce the cost of auto insurance for Michiganders by up to 50 percent.


Additionally, depending on the insurer, other surprising things could result in lower car insurance rates – like responsible driving habits, or even being married. Consumer Federation of America (CFA) research shows that married drivers are involved in fewer accidents. Occupation can also play a role. People perceived as detail oriented and cautious often see the lowest rates.


Your credit reflects in your insurance rates and an auto loan is a great way to improve your credit score. By making your monthly payments on time and keeping up with your other bills, your credit will improve, which can lower the cost of insuring your car.

Shopping for the right car insurance can be time consuming, especially when you’re still weighing your options for a vehicle purchase. If you are under pressure to find the right choices, don’t add the stress of looking for a dealer to that list.

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