If someone receives a vehicle as a gift or wins one in a contest, it will often be adorned with a giant car bow. It is an impressive sight to behold, but it begs the question, "What do you do with that giant bow after you take it off the car?"

Where Car Bows Come From

Recently, it has been in the news that many of the giant car bows that are sold come from Car Bow Store, a family-owned and operated company in Warminster, PA. Founded in 2009, Car Bow Store sells about 25,000 oversized bows per year. President of the company, Michael Rudolph has stated, "We frequently hear from our customers that the recipients are more excited about the bow than the car itself! The car bow is an added touch that shows how much you care."

How to Use Your Giant Car Bow

If you have a giant car bow, there is a good chance that you have received a vehicle as a gift or prize. Congratulations. Now, while you may be enchanted by the fact that your new car came to you with such a thoughtful adornment, you may eventually wonder what you are going to do with the thing. Here are a few suggestions.

giant car bow

  • Use the bow as a seasonal decoration. If your bow is red, green, gold, silver or blue, it would make an excellent door decoration for the winter holiday season. If you have a large enough tree, your oversized bow would look splendid as a topper. Pink, yellow and pale green bows would nicely compliment spring festivities or baby/wedding showers.
  • Convert the bow for dress-up time. If your child likes to pretend with costumes, your bow will make a delightful hat-topper. Just fasten it to an existing wide-brimmed straw hat and, voila! Your little diva is all set to be a Southern Belle, the Queen of England or a Kentucky Derby Lady.
  • Disassemble the bow for craft projects. Get ambitious with the craft scissors and create a number of projects with one giant bow. Fashion hair accessories, assemble clothing embellishments or use smaller pieces of the bow to make ribbons for gifts. You may wish to attach a piece of the bow to a car air freshener as a memento of how you received the vehicle.
  • Re-gift your giant bow. Pay your initial delight forward by embellishing a gift for a loved one in an extra special way. Obviously, the bow is going to look a little out of place on a "normal" present, but wouldn't your niece, nephew, co-worker or grandma be thrilled with such memorable packaging?

However you decide to use your giant car bow, be sure to treat the vehicle that accompanied it with care. Follow a regular maintenance schedule, and your car will serve you well for years to come.

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