Use Apps to Save Cash

In today’s day and age, it seems that we are practically born with a smart phone attached to our hands; but how many of us actually save money by using them?

Use Apps to Save Cash

With fun games like Angry Birds and Minecraft available today, it can be quite easy to ignore the apps made to help you financially. It’s our goal at Auto Credit Express to help you defend and grow your financial investments — especially regarding your car.

Free to Use, Money to Save

Here are some really great apps to help you save on the road. Whether you need help to finding the best gas prices around, the quickest route to work or even a cheap ride; you’ll find it here!

Gas Buddy Apple, Android,
Windows, Blackberry
Finds the cheapest
gas prices ing your area.
Google Maps Android, Apple Maps out routes and
gives traffic updates
Car Care Apple Calculates your fuel economy
AAA TripTik Apple Voice navigation, maps,
and gas prices
Route4Me Apple, Android Find the best route
for multiple stops
Waze Apple, Android,
Real time updates from
drivers on the road
Gas Manager Android, Apple Tracks your inputted gas mileage
MyMPG Apple, Android Teaches you fuel efficient
driving habits

A Smarter Trip

Surprisingly, our driving habits tend to not be very effective or productive. With the rising cost of gas and maintenance repairs it’s pretty smart to make the most of what you have. These phone apps will help you find smarter ways to get around on the road.

If these apps don’t make a dent in your gas budget, here at Auto Credit Express we have an amazing app as well. It’s our fast and free online financing application. Just three minutes is all it takes to get hooked up with local dealers that will help you with an auto loan, good or bad credit! So what are you waiting for, apply today.

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