If you feel like you're paying too much for your car insurance, Ford is offering a new app that may be able to help. The DriverScore® app gives drivers the opportunity to earn a better insurance rate by practicing good driving habits.

DriverScore was developed by IVOX™ as a smartphone app, and it is compatible with the FordSYNC® platform. Unlike similar scoring systems that are connected to vehicles, DriveScore only collects personalized data. This is because it gathers information from only one user's phone. So, even if a car is shared, a user can earn a score that is based only on their driving.

How DriverScore Gathers Data for Better Car Insurance Rates

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Even though the app gathers data in order to calculate a score, only the score is shared with insurance providers. This means that drivers don't have to worry about sharing data points that they would rather not disclose.

Once the program has been installed, the first DriveScore is issued after 50 miles are driven. After this, drivers receive a daily message on their phones containing their updated scores. These scores are then averaged out every month to give the driver a cumulative score. Monthly ratings are stored so that participants can look back and track their month-to-month progress.

How exactly does DriveScore rate your driving habits? The program uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze driving patterns. Speed, acceleration, braking, where you're driving and the time of day that you're on the road are all taken into account. For drivers who already practice good habits behind the wheel, there is an opportunity to be rewarded. And for those who could use some improvement, the app can assist in identifying problem areas that need to be addressed.

Using DriverScore to Get a Discount on Car Insurance

Unfortunately, a small percentage of accident-prone drivers are causing rate hikes to happen across the board. Insurance companies only know that they're paying out more in premiums, so insurance costs go up for all subscribers.

For those with good driving records, the best plan of action is to look for insurance discounts wherever they can find them. Programs like DriverScore can make this pursuit a little easier. With this kind of service, a safe driver can produce verifiable proof that they're following the rules.

This app is equipped with a feature called DiscountZone™. Using DiscountZone, drivers are able to share their DriverScore with several different participating companies at once. These car insurance providers can then send rate quotes which the driver can compare.

A lot of insurers have already signed on to participate, and it's likely that others will follow. The ones that are on board with DriverScore have agreed to provide a participation discount in the beginning. Then, according to a driver's policy terms, they will adjust rates at the end of every six or 12 months.

For drivers who don't have access to DriverScore, there are still ways to pay less for car insurance. You can ask your provider if there are any discounts that you qualify to receive. Or, if you think that you're paying far more than you should for your coverage, it might be a good idea to shop around. You may find that a different company will offer you a much better rate on an identical policy. To get started, click here to receive free, instant rate quotes from several providers in your area.

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