The famous phrase says "One man's trash is another man's treasure." This can apply to many things, such as a vehicle you trade in as a down payment on a bad credit auto loan. Or maybe your everyday recycling. Popular for many reasons, recycling is a great way to help keep our environment a little cleaner. Finding creative ways to re-use items that we may have once called junk has become an ever-increasing popular trend.

One Man's Trash….

Real Simple has several creative ways to use everything including lemons, olive oil, coffee filters and more! We'll talk about re-using newspaper here. creative ways to recycle newspaper

  1. Remove odors from food containers
    Ball up some old papers and place it your lunch box or other container, seal it and let it sit overnight before removing.
  2. Ripen Tomatoes
    Wrap them individually and leave out at room temperature until desired ripeness.
  3. Packages
    A great replacement for styrofoam peanuts, wrap fragile items a couple of times to keep safe during your move or for storage.
  4. Streak-free wipes
    Use newspaper with your favorite cleaner to have streak-less windows and mirror
  5. Preserving Antiques
    Many antiques can be damaged by cleaning products. Use one part vinegar and one part warm water and wipe surfaces with newspaper to keep antiques clean
  6. Dry out shoes
    Wet shoes can cause a stink and take forever to dry. Ball up some newspaper and stuff it in your shoes overnight to reduce odor and speed up drying.
  7. Wrapping paper
    Use the comics to have a uniquely wrapped gift.
  8. Shoe mat
    Keep a pile of newspaper by the door to put any wet shoes or other wet items on to without leaving a puddle to clean up.
  9. Gardening
    News paper can be used several ways to create a great compost for your garden
  10. Vegetable Drawer
    Line the bottom of your vegetable drawer in your fridge to keep things dry and free of any smells.

Another Man's Treasure…

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