We've all seen what a wreck our cars can become, especially if you have kids (or even if you don't!). Trying to find those shoes you threw in the back last week can quickly become an adventure into a land full of frustration. Here at Auto Credit Express, we aim to help you as much as possible. So here a few quick tips to help keep your vehicle a little more organized.

5 Ways to Keep Your Car Organized

Driving around these days can be challenging enough. You don't need the added distractions of having clutter rolling around the floor of your car or blowing about in the breeze from your open window. With that in mind, here are some quick and easy suggestions for keeping you and your clutter-free:

  1. Keep all important documents clipped to your visor
    Registration and insurance information should be easily accessible if ever needed.
  2. Keep extra bags or bins for trash
    Don't throw trash in the back or on the floor, keep it contained.
  3. Keep the kid's stuff in a container
    There are great organizers that can hang on the back of seats to keep the kids toys all off the floor.
  4. Keep the trunk a junk-free zone
    Nothing like hearing all sorts of noise coming from things rolling around in the trunk. Keep everything contained in collapsible containers.
  5. Keep it up!
    The best way to have a clean car is to keep it clean!

Hopefully with these tips you can improve your lifestyle just a bit. Or at least ease the frustration when finding those lost items or cleaning out the car for your next trip. Cleaning your car regularly will help keep it in good condition if you ever decide to sell your automobile. It also keeps you and your passengers safe. Let's hope you never do get in an accident, but if you do, by having the clutter cleaned up you don't have to worry as much about anything flying around and hitting anyone.

As We See It

Living a clutter-free life will definitely reduce stress. Another stress reliever is our easy online application for second chance auto loans to help you get approved for financing. Our friendly representatives will find the best auto dealer in your area that specializes in subprime lending. That means they can get you into a great vehicle! Apply today and let us do the hard work for you!