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Can a Vehicle Registration Fee be a Tax Deduction? Can a Vehicle Registration Fee be a Tax Deduction?

Different states calculate vehicle registration fees in different ways. Some states will base your fee on how much your car weighs, while others charge a flat rate for all vehicles. And there are several states that take the value of your car into consideration to determine how much you will pay to register the vehicle. Flat fees and weight-based fees are not tax deductible, but if the amount that you pay is based on a Kelley Blue Book value, this fee may be a valid deduction on your federal tax return.

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Credit Repair and Refinancing Credit Repair and Refinancing

Managing an auto loan is a great way to repair and rebuild damaged credit, while meeting a need for reliable transportation. With timely repayment, your credit situation can improve enough so that refinancing is an option. Refinancing is when you apply for a new loan, typically with lower interest rates. The question isn't if you should refinance, but when.

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