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What are Same Day Car Loans? What are Same Day Car Loans?

You may have heard the term, Same Day Auto Loan before, but what does it mean? It can accurately describe two different loan scenarios, referring to simply a loan that is approved within 24 hours or a specialized loan for bad credit buyers. This distinction is important to realize as you are shopping around for the right loan to fit your situation.

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Texas Rains and Salvage Titles Texas Rains and Salvage Titles

This past Memorial Day weekend, I was stranded in the Houston airport during the record setting storms that pummeled Texas. The torrential rains and terrible lighting were powerful, but as terrible as these storms were for Texans, the trouble was just beginning. Countless vehicles that were submerged by flood waters are now being labeled salvaged, cleaned up and are beginning to reappear across the country.

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Matched Tax Refunds from Auto Dealerships Matched Tax Refunds from Auto Dealerships

A dealership is willing to double your tax refund for your down payment on a new car? That almost sounds too good to be true. And with deals like these, it pays to get all of the details before committing to anything, so you'll know what kind of a deal you're really getting. Also, no matter how great the promotion is, make sure that you really can afford the purchase.

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Should Lower Gas Prices Affect My Next Vehicle Purchase? Should Lower Gas Prices Affect My Next Vehicle Purchase?

It's been about a year since Americans dealt with high ($4+ a gallon) gas prices. Since then, prices of regular gas at the pump have declined and are now averaging around $2.70 per gallon in the U.S. Because of the downward trend, car buyers have started to steer their eyes and wallets towards large trucks and SUV's again. But is it really time to do that? Realistically, it comes down to a couple of boring yet practical questions: How badly do you need a bigger vehicle, and can you handle the expense if fuel prices rise again?

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