Robert had never heard of Auto Credit Express when he stumbled upon our site late one night, searching for auto financing. He knew his credit wasn't great, so walking into any dealership and picking out any car was not an option. And he didn't have enough saved up to purchase a car from a private seller. It's no wonder he was starting to lose faith in his chances of getting a car, that is, until that night.

A Speedy Response

He filled out the quick online application and didn't think much of it after that. But the next morning, he received a call from Nicole at Auto Credit Express. He was surprised to get a call about his application so quickly and figured that meant bad news. However, Nicole had good news and said that his application had been accepted by a local dealership who works with bad credit. Still skeptical, Robert asked a few questions that Nicole helped answer:

"How much am I approved for?" - We are not the lender, so we don't know exactly how much you might be approved for at the dealership. However, since the information on your application met the requirements of the dealer you matched with, your chances of approval for a new or slightly used automobile are very high.

"How much of a down payment will I need?" - We've seen people get loans for little to no money down, but keep in mind, providing a more substantial initial payment will reduce your monthly payments and the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. Many people say the standard down payment rate is around 10%, but a trade-in can also count towards your down payment if you don't have a lot of extra cash on hand.

In just a 10 minute phone call, Nicole had answered Robert's questions and set an appointment for him to meet with the Sales Manager at the dealership later that day. She also went through the pre-dealership checklist so he would be prepared.

Dealership Experience

When Robert met with the Sales Manager, they sat down and talked about what he was looking for. The first test drive was ok, but not quite what he was looking for. The next car however, a 2013 Chevy Impala, all black with leather interior, was perfect. Within 2 hours of stepping foot on the lot, Robert was the proud new owner of a quality used car, and best of all, it had monthly payments he knew he could afford.

That's how Auto Credit Express helps people get cars. In less than 24 hours, Robert went from stressing about his lack of transportation to now being able to pick up his daughter from school, drive to work, and make that 2 hour trip home to visit family and friends.

No Strings on the Fast Track

He didn't pay us anything and we didn't make any money off of the car sale. We're here to help connect car buyers to car sellers, and we do it hundreds, sometimes thousands of times every day. Fill out our simple online application to get on the fast track to your next car with Auto Credit Express.