Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it comes the start of the holiday season for many. This means that there will be more family gatherings and events to attend. And that means more time spent on the road as well as the possibility of having to leave your car parked in unfamiliar areas.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) just released their Annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report, and while Thanksgiving ranked among one of the lowest rated holidays for auto theft at 1,353 in 2013, you should still take measures to keep you, your family and your property safe this holiday season. You can see the list below:

Turkey behind the wheel

Holiday # of Cars Stolen
1. New Year's Day 2,184
2. Halloween 1,998
3. Memorial Day 1,972
4. Labor Day 1,915
5. Presidents' Day 1,894
6. Christmas Eve 1,774
7. Valentine's Day 1,757
8. Independence Day 1,750
9. New Year's Eve 1,715
10. Thanksgiving 1,353
11. Christmas Day 1,224

Stop Theft Before It Stops You

While you are busy catching up with friends, car thieves may be catching up with your automobile. Here are some tips to keep your car secure this holiday season.

  • Use monitored parking as much as possible. Lots with attendants and security guards are far less likely to be plagued by car thieves. While it may cost a few bucks, remember that a theft or burglary may cost you more.
  • Park in well lit areas. If you can’t find monitored parking, go for the next best thing: well lit areas. Thieves work best in the dark, so illuminate the situation.
  • Keep your car locked and secured while unattended. This simple step can easily deter the laziest of thieves and commonplace vandals. Also, don’t leave incentives for them to break into your car. Keep your valuables in the trunk if you are unable to take them with you.
  • Avoid parking near lot and garage exits. The deeper in the thief has to go to get your car or valuables, the less chance he or she has of making a clean getaway.

Stay Safe

At Auto Credit Express, we want you to be safe for Thanksgiving and every other day of the year. We have made it our mission to help people in the best way we can, and that means giving you the knowledge you need to protect your vehicle as well.