What You Need in a Minivan

Some people fight it to the end, while others embrace it. It's the minivan, and if you have a large family you likely already either have one, or are considering one. There are tons of features that you can get on a minivan that you just cannot get in a car or even most SUV's that are super helpful.

At Auto Credit Express, because of our work helping people get vehicle financing even with bad credit, we're big advocates for getting the vehicle you need. So read on to see if a minivan is right for you.

Top Features to Look For

What You Need in a Minivan

If it's been a while since you bought a new minivan, or you've never bought a minivan before, there are a few surprises out there for you. Want a vacuum cleaner in your car? That's an option. Need to keep your kids entertained? A minivan has you covered. Here are a few of the futures to keep an eye out for. What does your family need?

  1. In-floor Storage
    Having loose items in the cabin of your van can spell big problems in the event that you're ever in an accident. Store your groceries, toys, tools or anything else you may keep in the car in these storage areas. They lock up and stay covered, keeping you and your passengers safe from flying objects.
  2. Flat-Folding 3rd Row
    Nothing is more of a pain in the neck than having to crawl into a limited space and remove the entire 3rd row bench seat. Thankfully, powered folding seats are becoming a growing trend; they fold into the floor in a stowaway fashion with just a touch of a button. This saves you tons of time and frustration -- not to mention a trip to the chiropractor.
  3. In Car Entertainment Systems
    While entertainment systems have been slowly making their way to other vehicles, minivans are still on top of the pile when it comes to putting a television in your car. From wide split screen tv's to a television in every row, minivans have ways of ensuring some quiet time on those long trips. Provided you’re ok with being serenaded by yellow sponges who live under the sea.

  4. Side Curtain Airbags for All Rows
    It's a bit of a surprise that this feature is only just now becoming a common feature in vehicles. Side curtain airbags will keep your passengers safer in the event of an accident. It will help to cushion them from the full force of a collision, thus reducing the chance of injury.

As We See It

Whether you're toting the soccer team to their next big game or simply going to the grocery store, these features will make each of your trips better and safer in the long run. If you're still driving an older van, you're missing out on the additions listed here as well as many more. We can help you find the best deals in your local area when you apply today. Your safety and quality of life is important, and we want to make sure you get the vehicle that reflects that.