Are new-vehicle buyers basing their purchases on in-car technology? The latest data from J.D. Power indicates that many are. According to the summer edition of their 2015 U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing Report, 43% of luxury-brand new-vehicle drivers and 28% of nonluxury-brand new-vehicle drivers cited technology as a main reason behind their purchase.

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The Rise of Technology in Cars

The information age has spread technology into almost all industries and facets of life. Technological advancements have allowed cars to become safer, more efficient and longer lasting. They've also allowed manufacturers the freedom to implement plenty of tech features that enhance convenience, safety and entertainment value; and they'll continue to add more as long as consumers are interested.

Who Wants In-Vehicle Technology?

As a consumer in the information age, you can choose to embrace technology or shy away from it. The data from the J.D. Power report signals that those who’ve embraced it are the ones who are more likely to make car purchases based on in-car technology. Knowing that, you would think that Millennials are the driving force behind the high number of consumers considering technology as part of their new car purchase. Think again.

There's no discernible demographic difference among those factoring technology into vehicle purchases. According to the survey, the following percentages of people chose their vehicles based on its technology features:

  • Age 34 and younger: 31%
  • Ages 35-54: 28%
  • Age 55 and older: 31%

You can't tell me these findings aren't surprising. Furthermore, it doesn't seem to differ amongst gender either: 31% of men and 28% of women cited technology as one of the reasons they bought their new vehicle.

Technology and Safety Make a Great Pair

While new-car buyers use technology for entertainment, many often like their latest car features to be safety-oriented. Another J.D. Power study from the first quarter of 2015 found that four of the top five preferred in-car technologies were safety features. So, while technology can be used to have a good time, you should realize that it can keep you and your passengers safe, too.

Do You Need A Car?

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