What resources do car buyers typically consult when they're in the market for new wheels? Information taken from recent polls may surprise you. It seems that drivers still, for the most part, trust the expertise that comes from dealers. And while people go to social media for news, entertainment and to, well, socialize, they're not regularly consulting Twitter or Face Book for vehicle reviews.

People Still Need People When it Comes to Auto Buying

In spite of technology making various and sundry sources readily available at the touch of a button, buyers are still more likely to trust the opinion of another person when it comes to auto recommendations. In fact, according to several sources, around 40% of those shopping for cars will go to another human for advice.

  • Salespeople at Dealerships: Even though jokes are often made at their expense, over 20% of people with automotive questions choose car dealers as their primary source for answers.
  • Friends and Family: Coming in a close second as preferred vehicle info sources, nearly 20% of prospective car owners value the opinions of co-workers, college buddies, neighbors and blood relations.

Basic and Trusted Sources

While YouTube has the power to captivate certain demographics for hours, when it comes to investing in reliable transportation, many people don't deviate from standard and time-tested sources.

  • Consumer Reports: For decades, buyers have taken reviews published here as the gospel truth when it comes to buying vehicles. And almost 14% of people still consult this printed oracle first.
  • Manufacturer's Websites: A surprising number of individuals go to the brand purveyors when they want details about particular makes and models.
  • Safety Ratings: When it comes right down to it, many buyers care a lot about how well vehicles perform in safety tests. This makes sense when you consider the fact that a great number of people trust these cars to carry their families from place to place.

People Go to Social Media Sites, but Not to Buy Cars

While it seems like people literally do everything on social media sites, less than 1% of car buyers consult social media first when they need advice and information about automobiles. While some analysts are predicting that this number will grow over time, it doesn't look like car reviews are going to be a major part of Facebook any time soon.

The Right Source for Financing

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