You may consider yourself to be an excellent driver, but are you really so sure? If you've been behind the wheel for a couple of decades or more, it's highly possible that you've developed a few bad habits. You may even find it helpful to have refresher course on driving basics before making yourself a role model for a highly impressionable teenager.

A Chance for Parents to Check Driving Skills

No one wants to admit that they're not a perfect driver, but there's no shame whatsoever in taking every proper precaution when it comes to teaching your kids how to operate a vehicle. And in order to help you be a better instructor, DriveSafe Driving Schools will be offering parents of soon-to-be-driving teens a free Mock Drive Test from October 18-24.

DriveSafe will be providing this educational opportunity to support and bring awareness to National Teen Driver Safety Week. Parents who participate with the Mock Drive Test will spend about 15 minutes on the road with a driving teacher who will evaluate driving performance and offer pointers on how to eliminate unsafe habits.

You can schedule your complimentary Mock Drive Test by calling (303) 721.8881 or by visiting

Common Mistakes Made by Experienced Drivers

If you take a test and realize that you're a little rusty in a few areas, rest assured that you're not alone. According to MetLife, there are several mistakes that seasoned drivers are prone to make.

    • Do you read every road sign? Even if you're in a familiar area, you should still be aware of the signs that are posted. Something may have changed, like the speed limit.

mock drive test

  • Do you make rolling stops? This is when you only slow down at a stop sign, take a look around, and keep on going. While many drivers are guilty of this habit, it is entirely illegal to not come to a complete stop at all stop signs.
  • Do you change lanes without looking? Too many accidents are caused by improper lane changing. Remember that it's critical to look over both your shoulders, check your mirrors and signal your intention before going into another lane. Don't let your blind spots get you into trouble.
  • Do you always give way to pedestrians? Legally, you are only permitted to turn right on red at an intersection if no pedestrians are waiting to cross. And you must wait until they are completely across before turning, as opposed to sneaking out in from of them or slipping your car in quickly behind them.

If you're guilty of these errors or others while behind the wheel, now is the time to brush up on your driving skills. After all, it's safe to assume that you will want to provide an excellent example for your new driver before he or she hits the open road.

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