For a lot of American teens, prom night is just around the corner. And while this is a fun and exciting event, there are safety risks to consider. Many prom-goers will be driven or behind the wheel, and there might be a lot of distractions going on.

The car might be filled with friends, there's the temptation to take selfies and there will probably be music and chatter. Add alcohol into the mix, and it's a recipe for a driving disaster. So, this year, Ford will be offering a Virtual Assembly on YouTube for classrooms across the U.S. Through this program, the automaker hopes to raise teen awareness about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving just in time for prom night.

How Ford's Virtual Assembly Aims to Make Prom Night Safer for Everyone

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In October, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a report showing how teens are still highly at risk behind the wheel. According to numbers from this report, teen drivers are 1.6 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than adults. Adding to the mix, the number of car crashes involving teens increased by 10 percent in 2016 over 2015.

In general, it's important to make teens more aware of the dangers imposed by distracted and impaired driving. On prom night, when it's even easier to get distracted, it becomes even more vital to offer education that might help to keep teens safe.

Ford's ongoing program, Ford Driving Skills for Life, has offered free driver training in a hands-on environment since 2003. So far, over one million new drivers from around the world have received instruction through the program.

Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) will host the Virtual Assembly, which is being live-streamed on YouTube. Teens in classrooms across the U.S. will be able to tune in and learn about why impaired and distracted driving is dangerous. Approximately 32,000 students are expected to participate.

Highlights from the Virtual Assembly will include:

  • Interviews with students who have used Ford's "Drunk Driving Suit" will talk about their experiences. The suit gives the wearer an impression of what it's like to drive while under the influence of alcohol.
  • There will be a 40-minute digital class taught by Ford DSFL's professional drivers and instructors. And this class will be conducted from the lobby of the Ford Rouge Factory Visitor Center.

Students and teachers can still register on In addition, anyone can watch the assembly on YouTube through the link below. Viewers with questions can submit them through the comment section on YouTube. Question can also be submitted by Tweeting @FordDSFL.

The 2017 Ford Focus is a Safe and Affordable Car for New Drivers

If you're looking for a safe and affordable car for your teen driver, the 2017 Ford Focus is a good option to consider. With a starting price of $17,650 (including an $875 destination charge), there's a lot of value in the 2017 Focus. Automotive journalists have reported that this compact car handles well and offers a comfortable ride. And in terms of safety, Focus buyers can benefit from the following.

  • Standard Rearview Cameras
  • Available Blind-Spot Monitors and Lane-Keeping Assistance

Advanced safety features are only available on the higher trim levels of the 2017 Focus. But a lower-than-average starting price makes it more practical to splurge on a few add-ons. It should be noted that some critics have been less than impressed with the Focus' "cramped" backseat. But parents of teens may actually like the fact that it's harder to fill the car with distracting peers.

Financing Assistance for a Newer, Safer Car

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