Ever since you qualified for auto financing and bought your new or used SUV, your furry companions have enjoyed being taken out for a drive, whether it's to the store or across the state. Taking your pets on errands and trips can be great fun, but if you don't buckle your pet in, could you be putting your dog and yourself in danger? According to the founder of Bark-Buckle Up, Christina Selter, "Safety belts only work if you use them." Selter, along with world-renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan, presents some very valid points for pet safety.

Did You Know?

  • At only 35mph, a 60-pound pet can become a 2,700 pound projectile.
  • Since 2005, there has been a 300% increase in pet travel.
  • Emergency workers' access to human occupants is delayed if a pet is loose.
  • Unrestrained pets may escape post-accident and pose more problems.
  • Rescue workers may get bitten by a scared or injured pet.
  • A second accident could be cause by an escaped pet.
  • Rowdy pets can become a major distraction to drivers.

pet safety harness
Greatly growing in popularity are all sorts of harnesses, seats and hammocks to help buckle in our pets. Make sure you have the right type and size for your pet by asking your vet or a pet store specialist that can give you a good idea of the best products available. We buckle up all our other loved ones, perhaps it's time for our furry friends to be buckled in now too.

As We See It

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