If you’re always on the go or commute daily, why not make holiday driving a little happier for you and those around you? Show your true holiday spirit by decking out your car in a cheerful holiday getup.

What are the Most Popular Holiday Car Decorations?

Whatever the reasons behind the flare you’ve chosen for your car, it’s nice to know that you’re spreading holiday cheer everywhere you go. Research didn’t pinpoint an exact time when car decorating became a popular holiday tradition, but it's grown into a big market today.

happy holidays signAccording to heavy.com, the 10 most popular Christmas car decorations for 2017 are:

  • Mini Multi-Color Christmas Lights
  • Reindeer Vehicle Costumes
  • Grille Wreaths
  • Magnetic Merry Christmas Decorations
  • Solar-Powered Dancing Christmas Toys
  • Air Vent Decorations
  • USB-Powered Miniature Christmas Trees
  • Santa Back Seat Window Clings
  • Holiday License Plate Frames
  • Grille Bows

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many ways you can show your festive side. Also available for vehicles: Santa hats, Santa beards, snowmen, and Christmas tree costumes. Your car decorating is really only limited by your creativity, and the laws in your state or municipality.

Decorate Your Vehicle Safely

Adding any kind of additional lights to your vehicle is illegal in many places, so be sure to check local regulations before decking your car out with Christmas lights. For safety’s sake, also remember that anything attached to a vehicle has the potential to be dangerous in certain situations.

Things like giant car bows and holiday wrappings are best used for giving the gift of a vehicle, and aren’t intended for highway travel. Other décor, such as wreaths and bows, work best when securely attached to the grille of your vehicle. Due to air flow around vehicles, especially at high speeds, the grille attachment lessens the chance of decorations being stripped off by wind and becoming hazardous flying debris.

Get Decked Out with New Wheels this Holiday

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