No matter where you live, there's always that one driving law that leaves you scratching your head. Some have this effect because they just seem completely random, and others because they sound totally unsafe. Either way, it never fails that these laws are enforced. Our team at Auto Credit Express wants to remind you that it's always important to mind your traffic laws; even the wacky ones. Take a look at some of the laws that Huffington Post dug up from around the world.
10 Crazy Driving Laws
In the Republic of Cyprus, Europe:
• Don't eat while you drive!
Eating or drinking (even non-alcoholic drinks) can cause you a fine for €85, or $116.
• Don't shake your fists at other drivers
Taking your hands off the wheel for any unneeded reason can cost you a hefty fine. So as tempting as it is to gesture at other drivers, you should probably avoid it.
In Costa Rica
• Have a beer while you're driving
In this country it's actually okay to drink and drive. However if you are caught driving while drunk, you'll likely find yourself behind bars.
In Russia
• Keep your car clean
Driving a dirty car can cost your 2,000 Rubles or almost $60.
In Germany
• Don't run out of gas on the Autobahn
Running out of gas and pulling over on the Autobahn is breaking the law! Any stopping on the Autobahn is prohibited, including running out of gas because it can be prevented.
In Spain
• Have an extra pair of glasses in your car
Any one that is as blind as a bat can understand this law. So when in Spain make sure you keep an extra pair of glasses on you and in your car.
In Sweden
• Keep your headlights on 24/7
Even though parts of this country stay lit by the sun all day long in the summer, drivers must keep their headlights on at all times.
In France
• Bring your own breathalyzer
BYOB carries a different meaning in France where you can be fined almost $15 if you are pulled over for drunk driving and have no breathalyzer.
In Japan
• Don't ride with a drunk driver
We're not sure why you would get in a car with a drunk driver in the first place, but in Japan it's now illegal to do so. Just call a cab!
In Alabama
• Don't drive blindfolded
This is one law we'd like to know the story behind. It would be well advised that no matter where you are driving, seeing the road is important.

As We See It
Traffic laws certainly have their importance while we are on the roads. Breaking out of the norm and thus breaking those laws is never a good choice. However, breaking the stereotype surrounding auto loans has become Auto Credit Express' mission. Throughout the years, dealers have made it okay to charge outrageous fees and interest rates because your credit is not the best. Here though, we work with a nationwide network of dealers who believe you deserve a fair chance to have the vehicle you and your loved ones need. Take a few moments to apply today! Our team of professionals are ready to help you on your way to a new start!