Vehicle technology is doing its best to keep us safe and help us obey the rules of the road. But some rules on the books are a bit outdated in certain places, and the craziest driving laws around the world border on the absurd.

Crazy Driving Laws Around the United States

No matter how many stop signs, red lights, and railroad crossings you lawfully obey, every state has laws that often leave you wondering "why is this a law?"

Though the origins of these wacky rules might remain a mystery, here are 10 of the wackiest state driving laws around:

  1. Crazy Driving Laws Around the WorldAlabama – In this southern state it's illegal to drive while blind. That's right, no Bird Box challenges are tolerated here.
  2. Connecticut – This one seems more hazardous than helpful, but in the Nutmeg State, it's illegal for a fire engine to exceed 25 mph. Yes, that includes on the way to an emergency.
  3. Florida – Florida's no stranger to the weird and wacky, so it makes sense that you can tie your alligator, goat, or elephant to a parking meter. But don't forget the law says you must feed the meter if you do.
  4. Hawaii – Driving with your hazard lights on is a no-no in the Aloha State.
  5. Maryland – It's illegal to swear or yell from your car while you're on the road in Maryland. Doing so could land you in jail.
  6. New Jersey – Turn that frown upside down! If you don't, it might land you in some hot water because it's illegal to frown at police officers in the Garden State.
  7. North Carolina – It's illegal to play in traffic here.
  8. Oregon – When you're driving on the sidewalk, be sure to yield to pedestrians.
  9. Tennessee – Thar she blows! Did you know that it's illegal to shoot game from a moving vehicle in the Volunteer State, unless it's a whale – they're fair game.
  10. Washington – Be forewarned: any motorist with criminal intentions in the state of Washington has to stop at the city limits to phone the police chief as they enter town.

That's just the US...

Wacky Driving Laws Around the World

Not to be outdone, there are some wacky driving rules to be found around the globe. Here are five strange laws from around the world:

  1. England – In London, all hackney cab drivers should carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats in their trunk.
  2. Denmark – Before starting your car in Denmark, citizens are required to check for people underneath the vehicle.
  3. Germany – Don't run out of gas on the Autobahn, as you're banned from driving in the entire country if you do.
  4. Philippines – To relieve congestion on the busy streets of Manilla, it's illegal to drive on Mondays if your vehicle registration (license plate) number ends in a one or a two.
  5. Russia – It's illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia. If you're stopped for this, even if you believe your vehicle to be reasonably clean, the officer's judgment is final.

Knowing the Law Where You Live

Now that we've pointed out some of the zanier laws around the country and around the world, it's important that you know the rules of the road where you live. Each state has its own specific rules and regulations when it comes to driving, maintaining, and insuring your car.

If it's been a while since you studied the laws in your state, it might be a good thing to do before getting your next vehicle. Even if you've got a handle on the driving regulations, you never know what kind of crazy laws could be gracing the books in your area.

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