Sometimes, when you are in search of a dealer who can help you get the car you need, the dealership won't be in a location that is entirely convenient for you to get to yourself. How can you get around this issue?

A Car Dealership Too Far

Last month, we received this inquiry from a buyer who came to us to find a dealer who could get them financed for a vehicle.

"Hello, I have been pre-approved for an auto loan. I have a few questions. Do I have to go to the dealership you paired me with? It is a 45 minute drive from me. I was wondering if I could find a dealership closer to me and get a car with the budget given."

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Our answer to this question is, while it may seem like it is a further distance, the time you will spend with a dealer who is closer but offers less of an opportunity for a car loan may cost you even more time than it would take to make the trip to a dealer who represents a better chance for a loan approval. Even if you are unable to drive out to the dealer yourself, or are unable to find a friend or family member to give you a lift, there may be some alternatives for you.

  • Some dealers may provide delivery to you.
    While you might need to travel out to the dealer to arrange the payment terms and the test drive, it has become more common for car dealerships to provide delivery of the vehicle to buyers' homes.
  • Dealers may actually bring you to them.
    In some cases, the salesperson may be willing to come out to your home to pick you up and bring you to the dealership.

So, when you find yourself matched with a car dealer that may be a further distance than you were hoping, the best thing for you to do is contact the dealer and see what they can do. They do want your business, and that is often incentive enough for them to go the extra mile.

Delivering the Goods

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