You may not have the luxury of being able to pick exactly when you buy your next new car, but if you do have time to plan your purchase, when will you get the best deal? While opinions vary a bit across the board, there are some generally agreed-upon months, days and times of day to consider.

The Best Times of the Year for Car Deals

When to Buy a Car

According to, "Most insiders agree the best time of year to purchase (a vehicle) is the week between Christmas and New Year." Information provided by confirms this suggestion by stating, "The last few weeks in December are dealers' last chances to get their yearly sales numbers even higher," but warns that, "Pickings may be slim." And offers statistics that suggest, "The winter months offer the greatest potential discounts."

August is also mentioned as a strategic car-buying month because new models start showing up in September, and dealers will be offering bigger deals a month ahead in order to get their lots cleared. If you're most concerned about having a wide variety of models to choose from, it is advised that you shop on President's Day (the 3rd Monday of February), when sales are slow and inventory is usually plentiful. Other holidays to consider are the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving weekend.

More Time Tips for Vehicle Shopping

It's possible to narrow your focus even further when looking for optimal times to make a car purchase. These tips will also come in handy if you need a new car right now, and "right now" happens to be during the spring months, which is widely considered to be the worst time to buy a vehicle.

  • Try to shop early in the week. Dealerships are usually packed on the weekends. However, if you go on Monday or Tuesday, the salespeople won't be nearly as busy, and they will be able to give you more personal attention.
  • Try to at least hold off until the end of the month. It is usually the case that salespeople are evaluated on their sales performance. So, if you catch someone who is trying to meet a monthly quota, that person may be a little more open to giving you the best price possible on a vehicle if it means that they can close a deal.
  • Make your offer later in the day. If the salesperson you're working with hasn't made a sale on the day that you're shopping, they may be willing to offer you a better price as the hours wind down towards closing time.

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