A lot of us grew up watching The Jetsons, or even Back to the Future. The flying cars that transported the family on wayward adventures have been appealing to the masses for decades and will likely remain so for some time to come. However, there are some reasons to consider that flying cars may not be something you would actually want. At Auto Credit Express, we want to help you get a new perspective on an old idea.

Top 5 Reasons Flying Cars Stink

Commuters and travelers are always in search of a quicker way to get where they're going. In some cases though, quicker may not be better. Here are a few reasons you probably won't want a flying car in the future.

  • Fear of Flying
    We've all sat to that one person who gripped their armrest for dear life the entire flight. Now imagine if that person was flying! It would probably not be the best commute experience you've ever had. And in fact, it will likely cause an accident.
  • Expensive
    If you think today's cars are overpriced, don't even consider a vehicle that can fly. On top of that, can you imagine what gas prices would be like?
  • Break Down? You mean falling out of the sky.
    Having some engine problems doesn't mean you can just pull to the side of the road. It means you better prepare for an emergency crash landing.
  • No flying in bad weather
    Weather can have adverse affects on your overall flight. Even on sunny days, there are pockets of air that can cause you have a pretty rocky flight. Then there is the fact that your wings or propellers could freeze in the frigid air.
  • You'll have to take driver's ed all over again!
    It was a rite of passage when you were a teenager, but now driver's education can just be a huge hassle. Who has time for that now?

As We See It

Flying cars may not be the way to go in the future. Having a safe car though, is something you should always be able to have. Don't let your bad credit history be the reason why you and your family are riding in a less than optimal vehicle. Take a few moments now to complete our quick and easy online application. Auto Credit Express will be ready and able to help you find the best dealer in your local area, no matter what. Apply today and drive away!