In a recent Detroit Free Press Article, it was revealed that animal rights organization, PETA, is pressuring electric car maker, Tesla Motors, to stop offering leather seats in their vehicles. And if Tesla does accept the proposal to make their manufacturing process completely vegan, will other car makers follow suit?

If this happens, will consumers balk at the notion of not having a leather seat option? How easy or difficult will it be for those who are pro-leather to argue the superiority of this material over cloth upholstery for vehicle interiors?

Leather vs. Cloth

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    • Price: When it comes to automotive seating, leather is always going to be a more expensive option than cloth, and it can be a lot more expensive if you choose a very high quality of leather.
    • Stains: For the most part, spills on leather will simply wipe clean. With fabric, however, staining is much more of a potential issue. Drivers who are also parents of small children may cringe at the notion of cloth seats. But, to be fair, it should be noted that Scotchgarding can make cloth upholstery much more stain resistant.
    • Comfort: Leather is hit or miss when it comes to comfort. Where high quality, expensive leather is soft and comfortable, cheaper leather can be harder and less inviting. And in judging comfort, temperature must be considered. Leather tends to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter, where fabric maintains a much more consistent temperature.

car buying, new car, cloth seats

  • Status: For some car buyers, image is everything, and in the automotive world, little else screams wealth as loudly as fine leather seats. And it is for these drivers that even imitation leather will not be quite good enough, and it would be extremely difficult to convince this particular niche that fabric is somehow better than their beloved cowhide.
  • Resale: Generally speaking, you pay more for leather and you can turn around and sell leather for a higher price. It should also be pointed out that cars with irreversibly stained cloth interiors lose a lot of resale value due to this damage. However, if enough buyers are convinced by PETA's argument about the immorality of leather car interiors, could this luxury standard cause vehicles to actually lose resale value in the future? It may be something to consider.

The Final Analysis

If leather were not an option, it seems that fabric upholstery would function perfectly well for most car buyers. And, staining issues aside, cloth can actually be advantageous when it comes to overall comfort. However, it all really boils down to personal choice. Some drivers simply prefer leather, and other consumers might argue that they don't want to lose their ability to choose.

The Right Choice in Financing

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