Bad Credit Auto Loans

Used Car Bargains with Poor Credit Used Car Bargains with Poor Credit

According to the latest market report from, used subcompact, compact and midsize cars, many of which are ideal vehicles for credit-challenged borrowers, should be even more affordable this year. With this in mind, consumers who know their credit scores and reports and have a decent down payment might want to seriously consider pulling the trigger on a nearly new car.

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Reasons to Keep Your Loan Term Short - Banner Reasons to Keep Your Loan Terms Short

If you know anything about auto financing, you know the longer you stretch a loan, the lower your monthly payments. A low monthly payment may sound great, but it’s not always the best option – especially if you have bad credit. Not only can you save money by keeping a loan term short, but you’ll be more likely to complete your loan before something unexpected happens as your vehicle ages.

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